Welcome to the 2024 Annual Foreman’s Meeting. This year’s meeting was held at Firekeepers Casino located in Battle Creek, MI.

Here are the lucky winner’s of our Safety Incentive Program from the 2023 Construction Season. This year we gave away a total of $25,000 to 6 lucky winner’s, while one lucky winner surprisingly was selected twice. Congratulations to Brandon, Steve, Jeff, Danny, Mike and Ted! The Foreman and crew were safe all year and made sure that everyone went home safe and injury free to their families! You are all fine examples of what a leader can do to support & educate his team. 

Our safety incentive program has quarterly giveaways of safety gear, different company merchandise, even portable gas grills and Blackstone’s. All of these incentive are earned by having clean site inspections, completing tool box talks and being incident free. This also gives the Foreman entries to the big drawing during the Annual Foreman’s Meeting.

Thank you all for another successful 2024 Annual Foreman’s Meeting. We celebrated all of the crews and their efforts to stay safe for 2023 construction season.

We were very thankful to be able to celebrate as a team and join together in some fun. Now, we may not have all went home winners of the jackpot but we all went home as winners safety!

Looking forward to a safe 2024 Construction season as we have ALOT of work lined up ahead of us but we always welcome the challenge!

See you all next year and Stay SAFE!